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coalesce, compose then radiate (ccthenr) is a series of experimental workshops and an exhibition. A research platform and a space for exchange, it will explore an expanded concept of experiential learning and the social dynamics involved in the co-production of knowledge.

Zoe Marden and Cat Turner began working together in 2013, conceiving of ccthenr as a collaborative exploration of the fertile intersections of politics, critical theory, and learning.
The project invites artists to develop workshops as experimental platforms for the staging of intersubjectivity and the co-production of knowledge as both the means and end of an expanded learning process.
The exhibition, meanwhile, spans digital and analogue formats, comprising a collection of reinterpretations of the instructional form. A wayward excuse for a manual, which treats the process of learning itself as it worries at the constraints of its form and breathes new life into the much-maligned instruction.