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Hello World

Hello World! is the second iteration of ccthenr, a curatorial collective and research platform that investigates learning processes through artists’ practices. Its aim is to create spaces of exchange in which to explore an expanded concept of experiential learning and the social dynamics involved in the co-production of knowledge.

Hello World! will explore ‘publishing’ in its etymological sense of ‘making public’, and the role this has to
play in the formation of identity: how we represent ourselves to others in making ourselves public, and
how these representations circulate and are built upon in the world. The exhibition will reflexively
investigate its form, as it is transformed throughout its duration through workshops initiated by the artists.
Renee Carmichael, Dmitri Galitzine, Derek Di Fabio and Joshua Bilton will use their artwork in the
exhibition space as a basis for collective activities, the gallery becoming a space of production and display
simultaneously in which objects generate actions and actions produce objects.
These objects and processes hope to link publishing on an individual level, understood as an
externalisation or making public of the self, to collective formations of identity. What are produced will
not be ‘texts’ in a narrow sense, but performative representations of identity traversing various media
including song, carving, movement and narrative. What interests us in these processes is the continuous
cycle between the individual and the communal, the concrete and the abstract, in which meaning is
produced and transformed. Objects, expressions of identity, are produced within a collective context,
which their circulation shapes in turn. We see parallels between this process and the formation of publics,
understood as bounded networks of relationships that are actively constructed through shared social
structures and knowledge.
Each of these artists will approach these dynamics from different socio-political and historical
perspectives, and their workshops will employ a variety of processes in a co-productive initiative to bring
temporary formations of identity into existence. Without specific aims in mind, the development of each
workshop is inherently unpredictable, allowing for the emergence of the unknown.




Curated by Catherine Turner and Zoe Marden
with Joshua Bilton, Derek Di Fabio, Renee Carmichael and Dmitri Galitzine
in collaboration with Sebastian Seiffert, Uwe Demmrich, and Peter Duus
Grossbeerenstr. 34, 10965 Berlin


CAT TURNER is a London-based curator and writer currently enrolled in the Goldsmiths MFA Curating
programme (2012-2014), after completing a BA in English Literature. A founding member of ccthenr
(2013), she has also worked with The Moving Museum, an international arts organization, and has worked
at Victoria Miro Gallery, London since 2011.

ZOE MARDEN is a curator and an artist from Hong Kong. She completed her BA in Art History at The
American University of Paris in 2009 after which she did a foundation in fine art at the Metafora international
workshop in Barcelona. She worked as a researcher and curatorial assistant at the Centre de Cultura
Contemporánia de Barcelona after which she set up the artist run project space, Corretger5, which she
ran for 2 years. Since moving to London in 2012 to participated in the MFA Curating course at Goldsmiths
College she has interned at Gasworks and Cell projects.

RENEE CARMICHAEL is an American writer and artist who graduated with an MA in Interactive Media:
Critical Theory and Practice from Goldsmiths College in 2010. During 2013 she was a resident at the
Space Studios permaculture residency and was involved with the Transmedial project: Evil Media Distribution
Centre, with YOHA, in Berlin. She has also participated in the project, Accordance, which formed
part of the collaborative exhibition project (On) Accordance with Grand Union in Birmingham. This featured
offline versions of a selection of artworks produced for previous online programmes in
2012. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

JOSHUA BILTON is a London-based artist who graduated with an MA in photography from the Royal
College of Art (London) in 2010. Previously he studed photography at the London College of Communications.
Recent exhibitions include: Rosphoto, Saint Petersberg, Russia (2013); Enclave Gallery, London
(2013); and Bloomberg New Contemporaries, ICA, London and Site Gallery & S1 Artspace, Sheffield
(2011-2012). As a member of the artist collective, Hal Silver, he has shown at Woodmmill Projects, London
(2011) and The Hospital Club, London (2010).

DEREK MARIA FRENCESCO DI FABIO studied at the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Brera under Alberto Garutti.
In 2010 he co-founded Motel Lucie, an experimental workshop for developing collective works. He
has been involved in collaboration with Cherimus since 2010. He has worked with Isa Griese as DW28
since 2012. He had his first UK solo show at the Almanac Projects, titled: When the sun is out, his houseshaped
face bathes in it, in October 2013. Other recent activities include Let’s Circus, a project by Marco
Colombioni, Piccola Scuola di Circo (2011), Milan; a residency at Fondazione Spinola Banna (2012) and
the solo exhibition, Free Range Winter Banana, Pavillon Social, Lucca, Italy (2013).

DMITRI GALITZINE completed his BA in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins College in 2009. His practice
is highly collaborative and has involved Elvis impersonators, historial re-enactment groups and competitive
vegetable growers. Recent exhibitions inlude, God Save the Village Green, The Cob Gallery, London
(2013); When Shall We Set Sail for Happiness?, Fold Gallery, London (2013); and Given the Standards
of the Day, Formula Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (2011). Permanent collections include the Saatchi
Gallery. He lives and works in London.

Tom Trevatt (b. 1981) is a curator and writer based in London. He is a PhD candidate and an associate
lecturer at Goldsmiths College University of London. He teaches at the Bartlett UCL, University of
Creative Arts and The Royal Academy. His PhD thesis, Abandon Hope: The Political Economy of Art in
the Second Age of Oil constructs a retooled political theory of art that understands a new relation with
contemporary crisis. He graduated from the MFA Curating programme at Goldsmiths in 2009 and has
co-founded and run three project spaces in the last ten years. As a tutor, Trevatt oversees the development
and presentation of Hello World! .






Derek Di Fabio Workshop | MAY 26 – JUNE 1

A no-hierarchy workshop crossing neo-invented disciplines, no strings relationships, improvised participants, researching unknown ways to reclaim goods into our life-line.

Renee Carmichael Workshop | JUNE 13

Do you want to get to know better the technology (and the codes looping behind) that you use everyday? Come sing along, we’ll chant with them.

This workshop will explore the research that Carmichael used in the creation of No.01 1 Chant to Them, including: a history of IBM, cybernetics, incorporation, voice and voice as interface, and the relationship between interface and control. With these ideas, which relate to the workshop on Code Poetry that took place during ccthenr’s last project in London last November, we will use singing and song writing as a way to understand coding languages.

We can start to take control of the technologies that we use everyday by learning to understand the – without being experts. And this understanding can stem from a wide variety of interests that extend beyond the screen – singing is just one possibility.

code and singing wiki

code and poetry wiki

Joshua Bilton Workshop | JUNE 14

“The questions create a kind of ‘critical thinking studio’ in which learners observe carefully, evaluate, synthesise, justify and speculate ñ habits of mind which have a long history in education and which we find central to aesthetic growth and critical thinking.”[1]

Joshua Bilton in collaboration with Janneke Van Leeuwen presents a workshop based on research by the cognitive psychologist Abigail Housen. Led by Van Leeuwen, and with contributing artists, participants are invited to discuss the works in Hello World! through Housenís established Visual Thinking Strategies, which are intended to create open discussion.

The impulse is to explore how the group collectively makes meaning, and how aesthetic engagement with works of art can be enlivened and deepened through structured questions posed to the group such as “what is going on here”, “what do you see that makes you say that”, and “what more can you find”. The first of these questions invites an intuitive and therefore relatively effortless response that is directly inspired by what one sees, rather than informed by any theoretical framework. In other words, there is no wrong or right way to begin looking.

These questions will open up dialogues with each artist’s work, and in turn with the curatorial project ‘Hello World!’ that brings them together.

[1] Aesthetic Thought, Critical Thinking and Transfer, Abigail C. Housen, Visual Understanding in Education, p101

Dmitri Galitzine Workshop | JUNE 15

Piratical myths and legends have long coloured the Western imagination, from the traditional image of the peg-legged pirate to Captain Hook, and now to the pirates of the Somali seas. The wooden sculptures commissioned by Dmitri Galitzine for Hello World! and made by chainsaw carvers from Saxony explore the complex mediation of history in their form.

Join us for a practical workshop to carve your own representation of a historical figure from the golden age of piracy using fruits and vegetables. We will discuss the evolution and romantic overtones of the cultural image of the pirate, and the socio-political relationship of piracy to globalisation. Drawing notably on a ccthenr workshop in November last year hosted by Somalee, a Thai master carver, the workshop will bring techniques and histories of craftsmanship and carving into contact with the context of contemporary art.

Thank You

Thank you to all who supported this project through our Kickstarter Campaign!